Journal Articles

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Special Issues

Falkner, G., Heidebrecht, S., Obendiek, A., & Seidl, T. (2023). Digital Sovereignty—Rhetoric and Reality. Journal of European Public Policy. Forthcoming.

Work in Progress

Seidl, T. (2023). Polanyi and List Meet in Brussels. Digital Sovereignty and EU Digital Policymaking. Unpublished Manuscript.

Seidl, T. (2023). Review Essay: Charting the Contours of the Geo-Tech World. Unpublished Manuscript.

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Book Chapters

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Other Academic Publications

Schmitz, L., & Seidl, T. (2022). Protecting, Transforming, and Projecting the Single Market. Open Strategic Autonomy and Digital Sovereignty in the EU’s Trade and Digital Policies. SocArXiv. Working Paper

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Book Reviews

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Newspaper Articles & Blog Posts

Marenco, M., & Seidl, T. (2021). Opportunity or threat? How discourses on digitalisation vary across European countries. LSE EUROPP Blog. Blog Post

Seidl, T. (2020). The Techlash in Times of Corona. HIIG Blog. Blog Post

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